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Hollywood Reporter claims that the American movie, "The Power Rangers" will only be viewable by adults in Russian theaters.

Vitaly Milonov is the one thought responsible for the age restriction increase from 16 to 18. He has sparked outrage throughout the world as reports indicate he was the principal sponsor of legislation criminalizing "homosexual propaganda directed toward minors".

mlktea from reddit has helped clarify what Milonov equates to "planting bombs inside of children's toys" with an explanation (MILD SPOILER ALERT):

"She was telling the issues she was having with her family and said something along the lines of, "We move around a lot which is good because my parents never approve of my friends or my relationships." "Oh, boy problems?" -doesn't respond- "Girl problems???" -still doesn't respond-
And that was it. Not the exact lines because it was SO insignificant that I didn't feel like it was even worth remembering when I watched it."

That's right folks, gay propaganda, according to Milonov, can be that subtle.

Can we trust these media sources?

The hollywood reporter is based out of LA and has been heavily focused on entertainment news. They based some of their facts in this article off of conservative television network Tsargrad (Orthodox nationalist channel). A google search reveals that the hollywood reporter is one of several (the guardian, the independent, etc.) reporting that "due to Milonov and other anti-gay politicians, Power Rangers will only be viewable by adults."

These reports appear to be trustworthy.

Do all Russians feel this way about "gay propaganda"?

No, according to, "Another legislator, Alexei Zhuravlev, harshly criticized the Culture Ministry for issuing an exhibition license for Power Rangers."

No one was reported leaving the theater during its screening and when interviewed, viewers didn't understand why there would be any controversy over the movie.

"She is cool, and I don't care whether she is gay or not," Anastasia, an 18-year-old university student, told The Hollywood Reporter, referring to the Yellow Ranger, Trini.

"It makes no difference to me what she is as the movie was pretty dumb anyway," added another moviegoer, 26-year-old Nikolai."

It probably would have largely been ignored as another hollywood  attempt to cash in on nostalgia but now that because of this controversy, it will most likely get a huge boost in viewership. Personally, If I was under 18 in Russia, I'd be more interested in it.


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